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Upcoming Workshops / Classes

Corrective Yoga

Pranayama Intermediate: Mondays 6 p.m – 7 p.m
This is a continuing – progressive class and is open to those who can do at least 50 strokes of kapalbhati with ease. We will also learn few Mudras and Bandhas.
Cost: $60/ 6 classes no drop in after 1st class drop in cost $ 15

Hatha Yoga: Tuesday 10 a.m-11a.m
This is a continuing- progressive class and is open to those who can hold postures for more than a minute. Holding posture helps to stretch, align, balance and tone the muscles. Healthy muscles equal happy muscles!
Cost: $60/ 6 classes or 12 dollars drop in

Beginners Pranayama : Wednesdays 6:00 p.m -6.45 p.m
This class is open to everyone. The focus will be primarily on correcting our breathing cycles, Introduction to pranayamic breathing (efficient inhale and exhale) and understanding the relation of breath and emotions.
Cost: $60/ 6 classes no drop in after 1st class drop in cost $ 15
Hatha Yoga: Friday 10 a.m-11 a.m

This series is open to all those who wish to relax and stretch. You will learn to connect with your body and mind and discover the joy from that connection. Yoga is not about just working out its about finding your balance and center. Come on and discover yourself in this special yoga class.
Cost: $40 / 4 classes or 12 dollars drop in

Sun Salutations: Stretch, correct and connect ( offered in Winter only)
Fridays 7 a.m – 7:45 a.m December- April
Stretch, Correct & Connect: A unique Yoga movements and balance sequence to loosen up the morning stiffness. The series will focus on Sun salutations performed in traditional way without compromising the yogic principle of balance and mindfulness. Each class will end with deep relaxation and sound therapy.
Cost: $50/5 classes or 12 dollars drop in


Sample Menu
* Kale- Brussel sprouts – red cabbage salad with homemade Ayurvedic dressing
* Black chickpeas (gram) cooked in tomato gravy
* Brown rice with ghee and cumin
Cost – 15 dollars – Minimum 7 -Max 12 people
Learn to make Pure Ghee-cost $5
**Bring your own butter**

Registration: email or call

Private Yoga Classes: Cost $50/pp – Couples $70 (discounted rates for six or more classes)
A free 15-30 minute meeting is required before signing up for classes. Classes are by appointment. Commitment, patience and regularity are prerequisites for any Yoga class. To get maximum health (emotional-physical)benefits out of Yoga classes you should leave your doubts in your shoes at the door!

Drop In Private Class: $ 50/class -no discounts
This is reserved for existing students who have taken at least 10 private lessons. Call and schedule a class as and when needed and get the next available appointment!

We are starting a sign-up sheet for Patanjali Study Group (PSG)with Havan(fire ceremony). The group will meet the first Sunday of each month starting from 10:30-11:30 am. We will use “Patanjali Yoga Sutras” by Dr.P .V. Karambelkar as reference book. Please let me know if you are interested.

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Foundations for Correct Pranayama Practice

Setting the foundations for correct pranayama practice”
19-23 February, 2016

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