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J. Garbarini, Clinical Social worker

Studying yoga with Vartika soothes my spirit. I walk into her studio with my mind ready, on alert to stay on top of all life is throwing at me, and I leave with a quieter, richer energy and the awareness that I am flowing down a river and not dodging bullets. Moving my body in a quiet , slow way with such ease and awareness helps my cells access the wiser, calmer way to live. I am very appreciative to have this opportunity.

Abdi Assadi – Acupuncturist and Spiritual Healer

“Having suffered serious physical injuries in the past, Dr. Dubey’s asana classes have been amazingly healing. It is the only form of yoga practice that I have found gentle and slow enough to not interfere with these old injuries while deep enough to heal both on a physical/nervous system level and corresponding emotional levels.”

Sue Connelly, Endicott NY

“I have been a seeker of spiritual and emotional development for my entire adult life. I was successful in many ways, such as with a gratifying career as a therapist.  But still a seeker, I was drawn to any new technique that promised happiness.  I  pursued happiness from external sources, ever hopeful that I had found the answer to all of my maladies.  Despite my actions, I truly believed that happiness would come from inside myself, if it was to be attained at all. 
I also believed that I lacked the wisdom of how to start on that path.  I was active in yoga, but it was more as an exercise to help my back pain than anything else.  Thankfully, I was led to Vartika Dubey, who teaches an approach that integrates, not separates, the mind, spirit and body.  Vartika taught me the Kaivalyadhama Style Yoga and how to slow down, be with my breath, and focus in yoga poses.  With her gentle approach to poses and Pranayama breathing, I have become aware of a contentment that was previously covered by layers of thoughts, beliefs, busyness, and distractions. I still have far to go on this journey, but at least I am certain i am going in the right direction!”

Sally Leathers Apalachin New York

I was guided to work with Vartika after experiencing chronic health situations over the past few years – repeated pneumonia and bronchitis to most recently debilitating back pain and bodily inflammation. After my first lesson with Vartika my lower back pain lessened significantly and by the third lesson I was able to take deep breaths with ease and without the usual accompanying coughing spasms. I have sporadically attended yoga classes throughout the years, finding my yoga experience with Vartika to be integrative on all levels of my being.

Her wisdom and experience reminds me of a vast ocean, more than a teacher, this aspect of her being is shared and finds expression in her yoga lessons with me. I find her warm and supportive presence along with the pace of the lessons creates a deep relaxation that connects me to the peace within. I appreciate her intuitive understanding of my current experience and her focus on addressing specific needs to ensure the yoga I practice at home brings strength and nourishment to these areas.

During a lesson in which she was teaching a breathing technique, a tiny white feather floated down between us, a perfect symbol to me of the “breath of spirit” embodied and shared through her.

Nancy Feduke Endwell NY

I have been taking instruction with Vartika for several years now, and I find the Auth style yoga has increased clarity, focus , and the breath capacity. Vartika’s style and instruction have definitely made a difference in mind-body awareness over the years. Her classes, as well as private instruction, have been most beneficial as well as enjoyable ! I have tried 3 other styles of yoga, but prefer this to all others. It is what I practice at home. I am grateful for the wisdom she has shared with all of us.

Cheryl Brigode, Owego NY

As a result of taking your classes, both asana and pranayam…I think the reasons why I like this style of yoga and the major changes I have experienced through your teaching is increased physical health and strength (becoming more flexible, less pain & more awareness of my posture); helping to maintain or achieve emotional balance with greater peace (reduce tension/increase self-acceptance of limitations); and just overall feel better, happier with more awareness of my own spirituality. I have become more conscious of my breathing and when I feel myself become anxious, nervous or upset…I now use my breath to help control and balance thoughts.