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Nancy Feduke Endwell NY

I have been taking instruction with Vartika for several years now, and I find the Auth style yoga has increased clarity, focus , and the breath capacity. Vartika’s style and instruction have definitely made a difference in mind-body awareness over the years. Her classes, as well as private instruction, have been most beneficial as well as enjoyable ! I have tried 3 other styles of yoga, but prefer this to all others. It is what I practice at home. I am grateful for the wisdom she has shared with all of us.

Cheryl Brigode, Owego NY

As a result of taking your classes, both asana and pranayam…I think the reasons why I like this style of yoga and the major changes I have experienced through your teaching is increased physical health and strength (becoming more flexible, less pain & more awareness of my posture); helping to maintain or achieve emotional balance with greater peace (reduce tension/increase self-acceptance of limitations); and just overall feel better, happier with more awareness of my own spirituality. I have become more conscious of my breathing and when I feel myself become anxious, nervous or upset…I now use my breath to help control and balance thoughts.