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Certification Guidelines



Beginners Teacher Training Certification, CYEd.
AT YOUR OWN PACE (AYOP)-Gurukul style



After years of pondering, deliberation and Vitarka (fruitful discussions) of the devoted philosophers scientists and psychologists working at the Kaivalyadhama, it was decided that we should introduce Gurukul Style teacher’s Training Course (TTC) in Yoga Certification in the US.

Gurukul Style Tradition: In this traditional way of teaching, the student, could be son of guru or could come from any other family, who would spend a significant period of his formative childhood along with other disciples in the Guru’s ashram. It was possible for the parents to select specific Gurukul for their offspring, where a particular desired skill was taught.

There were stringent criteria for the selection of the student by each Guru The student had to follow a certain discipline and therefore was called disciple of Shishya, This tradition is, therefore known as Guru Shishya tradition. In this tradition there was a complete freedom for the Guru to adopt specific approach, readiness, aptitude and ability of the student. The teaching methods adopted were invariably individualistic based on experience, observation and traditions of the Guru. The emphasis was on the memorization, and learning from the personal conduct of Guru. This tradition evolved and revolved with the Guru in center.

AYOP is mostly based on the Gurukul style teaching with the exception that students enrolled for this program are adults and beyond their formative years!



The purpose of this, at your own pace, course is to educate and evaluate teachers for certification. It will also serve as a tool for personal growth, to those who do not wish to pursue a career in teaching Yoga. The course is designed with keeping in Mind, people who cannot attend a structured program due to several commitments but have a sincere desire to get certified. The education is unique because it is based on scientific research and textually traditional study.



The course spans over no more than two (2) years. There are several weekends of intensive on-site training along with weekly classes. The Interim section between intensives should be used for online courses as well as reading. It consists of off-site DVD and/or internet courses along with time for personal practice, reading and research. The course could be completed within a year or less also provided it fits in the schedule of the teacher.



The course is mainly on-site. It is available to men and women of all races, religions and nationalities. Three courses are offered online, via DVD and /or e-mail. Students have the option of completing the online and DVD courses at anytime during the two years.




  • Prospective student should be an active and documented student of the teacher who he/ she wishes to enroll under.
  • Minimum qualification for admission is a High School or equivalent diploma.
  • Command of the English language
  • A personal practice and knowledge of Asana & Pranayam
  • Verification of good physical health
  • Internet access, e-mail account, access to a DVD player



Registration Fee – 100 dollars (Includes 4 books)

Tuition – 1500* dollars (Does NOT include required workshops and online classes offered outside of Kaivalyadham USA) * the fee is subject to change year to year and payment arrangement is dependent solely on the discretion of the teacher.

Kaivalyadham USA, reserves the right to cancel, reschedules and redefines any classes or courses related with the Teacher training course.


Students are expected to show respect to all teachers.